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Quaility Coaches

It has been our policy since the early 1980's to purchase and operate Volvo coaches. We view them as being the mainstay of our large fleet.

All Coach Hire & Coach Enquiries - Tele: 01296 398300

Volvo are renowned within the UK as the major supplier of luxury coaches and consistently lead the field with quality and innovation. To compliment the Volvo chassis we have chosen Jonckheere luxury coachwork as our first choice for many years. We believe this policy ensures a consistent high standard for our customers.

In addition to these we have a 28 seater Super Executive coach as supplied to Wycombe Wanderers Football Club.

This team coach is fitted with 7 tables, TV/Video and CD systems, a full kitchen with microwave, warming oven and fridge, plus all the usual Executive specifications including a hot drinks facility and WC/Washroom.

We also operate a wheelchair accessible coach. This vehicle offers various seating arrangements, providing accomodation for up to 5 passengers in wheelchairs.

Smoking is not permitted on our holiday and day trip coaches. In line with current trends coaches are not equipped with ashtrays.

Many of our coaches also have some of these additional features:

* Climate Controlled Air Conditioning
* Webasto Secondary Heating
* Telma Secondary Braking
* Kneeling Facility - for Easy Access
* Mobile Telephone - Two Way Radios
* Fridge - Tables - Carpet
* Magazine Nets - Individual Footrests

We also offer very basic, single and double deck vehicles, seating up to 75 - for Bus Service and Contract Operations.

Finally, should the unforseen occur and one of our vehicles suffers a malfunction, we are fully supported by the Action Volvo Network. This service operates throughout Europe ensuring our vehicle is attended to promptly, keeping any inconvenience to a minimum. Furthermore, should any mechanical problem arise within the UK, our relationship with other coach operators is such that assistance is always readily available.

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